La chicha loca amora y Kevin

He smells so good,looks like trouble in the flesh of temptation.

My man, my lover, my enemy, my brother, tall milk chocolate in all its glory full sugar it’s mine.

I claim him but unspoken. I love often told, I love him but hate him, he makes me feel good but unfortunately unaccomplished all at once.

I lay beside him, the alarms go off, it’s dark but the outline of his face I still see. His everything, from essence to soul I desire I want to devour.

I see his light and I want it to burn brighter beside me, never without me, beside the arms of another.

I used to stare at the distant star now I’m in face like what. I used to be content from afar now I’m buzzing his phone like what. I used to smile long he smile in his pages now I can’t stand to not be able to touch him, breathe the same air beside him.

We hurt one another but we danced around one another for decades. He’s mine better not a bitch marry or touch him.

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