I say it in a way that when I say it, you the only one I say it to.

My love, baby, honey, your Highness, your honour does fit but the way you respond to daddy makes me happy.

I never called my dad, daddy, nor any other guy less I know you watching but the way I say it to you is to make sure you know I only mean you.

Daddy, big daddy, with the twins all in your face. Clinch my sides tighter, hold me in closer, daddy.

I don’t say it cause I miss my dad and trust, you don’t remind me of him. Matter of fact you the very opposite of what my old man would approve of or stand for.

I call you daddy as a sign of intimate utmost respect.

I love your walk. The way that you think is profound. The way you speak is moving. The way you are is impressive.

Daddy I think you honestly strongest person I know. You strive and succeed.

Daddy you the dude alert of times and able to evolve you been here before old man.

Life has not deter your mind. You rise above the influence, the laws don’t restrict you. The attitude of others don’t affect you, nor the haters words bruise you. Daddy your awesome.

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