The lover

I crave you baby.

You can’t read my mind or heart but the intensity of these feelings I hope, is mutual.

It is too strong to ignore.

It’s too wild to control.

I love you beyond mere words but to you my love isn’t enough.

It’s gotta be, my lover for when I call you come eventually.

Your face is all I see, your touch is all I want, your smell is overwhelming, your thoughts are mine.

I’m crazy but your deranged.

I love you but you fear my love, why do you run, how could my lover hide?

Yet I do it too. It all is the same on my end. I hide when I hear you want more the intensity of our love is as dense as R136 located in the Tarantula Nebula.

We can’t breathe.

We don’t talk.

We been dancing round each other, we been eluding one another let’s stop dodging one another. Shake off the doubt and the fears my love for years you been the guy I always run too. I call your ass out you run to me too.

Admit you be wondering who the hell I’m with cause truth be told I say you better not be.

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