Can’t you tell

So big headed, don’t tell him he’s fly.

Too gorgeous, don’t tell him that either.

I love him, he knows that.

I’m craving him only, but he says I got another.

I can’t sleep he’s missing.

I can’t hug, he too far.

I want him, he’s busy.

I am stubborn accept no substitution.

He’s my weakness,my love, my inspiration, my brother, my nemesis, my ally.

All I want to consume and more.

So big headed that log, got damn tree on his shoulder I want to knock down. As I the only deserve the right too

That man is he really?

I wonder what’s behind his lovely devil eyes and into the soul of that man.

What do you want?

I hear nothing in return.

I can scream I love you but it echo through the winds.

All it takes is a swish of her hips, the smile of his brow and I’m mad.

I’m freaking prettier, and if she’s a scientist I’m damn smarter too.

She holds no light to my flames.

No match for my wits or strength.

If she’s a lion, I’m the eagle mated for life even when he pisses me off.

We dive together, separate we fall, and rendezvous as we rise. We stand tall forever.

He whose face I see everywhere.

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