Time without you

Time moves on with or without us.

A new day, not promised to any.

A new year is any bless to see.

I love you all throughout the day.

You ignore me anyway.

Do I move on, give another suiter a chance to slay me.

Tall glass of milk, brunette, eyes blue as the sea used to be.

6ft something that share the same interests but respect me far beyond you and forget you.

Sweep you away ever knowing under the rug like rat poo.

If love was mere energy I can transfer it into the love for another, for never destroyed is energy.

Do I pray you be mine, or do I pray for health and happiness. The word said I have not, cause I asked not.

Nothing is easy, I am sure of, relationship gets harder and the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy but do you want me? No, do you need me? Will you ever forever need me? Can you ever love me?

Do I continue to shower you with love until you soften.

Do I hold fast until you crack, or do I move on like time?

How do I let go of someone whom I loved since my eyes met, knowing you would be the guy to hurt me since day one.

No one’s perfect, am I making excuses?

Love is out there, am I excused to move on?

Nothing is easy, I don’t want anything and I’m picky to the T. Never ever easy to keep please, but effortlessly you make me happy. If only you looked my way, send a text any day. Talk to me, is all I ask, is all I want till I want more, for getting more.

Trying to move on until not liking you, never loving you, unto not wishing you were next to me, and maybe getting to know another. how a person can be a person and feel so strong for one person move unto another person? Can love be stronger than this? Is there any human love stronger than our bond?

How do I give you permission to be happy with another, when honestly I just want to squash all competers face in with an escape 150.

My nights you steal without second guessing. My heart you stole aimlessly caught.

Have you forgotten me beloved and moved on already?

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