My my, mine

I be looking in the mirror and wondering how is it I go through the day and forget my own face?

Wonder what all the world see. Thinking I’m ugly but I don’t care cause your face is all fair.

I put on the mask, I put on the wig, I put on the clothes and either I’m killing it or should’ve stayed home.

I bury all of the hatches, I forget the words of the haters, but their actions still burning in the back of my mind or is it visa for some, guessing it depends on person and if I care.

I’m standing tall rather with the wig or in my fro. Some say I look different but I just feel pretty.

I do believe in speaking my mind no matter the nature my mind got a voice. I just feel Barbie looking people lose less face when speaking mean truths while average Jane looks like a pig for standing for what she believe in.

These are society’s rules, laws, guidelines and not my own. I just walk my own path and live best I know how.

I say beauty in the eye of the beholder. You like what you like, so please don’t try to set me up. With Joe brown, Nebro or your cousin leo or neyo.

Chris cause you think it’s funny. Micheal I never like em. He has to be my Kevin no substitution.

I’m picky but easy going. I stay in my lane less I need to merge but never over stepping.

I love whom I love. I do what I must. My code of ethics is class.

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