The pest and nagging Gnat

Speechless is the sound of wind. No noise is the sound of silence.

Buzzing of the ring in the ear all hours of the day, an unwelcome happy face.

Busy is the worried mind, even busier is the heart’s thoughts.

The thirst of longing arms around the waist, a thirst that shall never be serve.

In a box of five walls include not the roof but pour into a flooding rain.

Love lost, lust won. Love zero unfortunately lust hero.

Where are you? Not here, from Then shall I ever find thee?

Words are not, actions are not, space maybe the only answer I hate.

I reach out into the world to find you out, someplace for peace, and matters not for I am your wagging sea when I cannot see the harm in asking “how was your day?” Or simply “are you, ok?”

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