Lover,friends, bodily functions

Spitting coughing, chocking on a sucker Claire reads her boyfriend Facebook post aloud

“I would respect a warning before letting go a toxic bomb than a person who set off a silent but deadly fart and say nothing.” You didn’t write this did you?”

Kevin responds “Hell yeah!”

Claire laughs uncontrollably “Really, out of all the things to post. I guess I understand. Men assume women should not fart, however I just do so before leaving the house or my own bathroom.”

Kevin “Aaron is my boy and all but he is getting annoying like dawg we know its you, own that shit!”

Claire laughs harder begins to cough than suddenly “toot” “oh my goodness sorry babe, too much air just now!” They laugh.

Kevin “you cool babe, is why I like you. Honest. Coughs and then bust out laughing.

Snickering Claire ” what is it?”

Kevin “Babe.”

Claire ” What?”

Kevin smiles ” I gotta dodo.”

Claire in a serious tone ” Go to the hall bathroom my bedroom bathroom can’t handle your shit.”

Kevin laughs and throws the pillow at Claire.

Kevin “babe?”

Claire “Go shit Kevin!”

Kevin rise from the couch to enter the hallway.

Kevin “I love you can I shit on you?”

Claire “Can I PMS on you later?”

Kevin quickly “nevermind.”

Claire “you so nasty,. I love you too, STINKY!.”

Kevin runs from the hallway pants at his knees Claire eyes widen but just as she gets up. Kevin lands his lips on hers. Slowly rising to her feet Kevin lands his hands behind her back and waist. What felt like 5min he let’s go of Claire, and begins to walk away.

Kevin”Oh babe, when was your last period?”

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