Claire “I don’t like it one bit. ”

Gina ” So why you in Tennessee? Why couldn’t you move to someplace in Alabama?

Adrell “You going to file taxes and get you a car?”

Claire ” Your not attending school in someplace Alabama. Your attending school in Oklahoma. I got bills and what I do with my tax refund has nothing to do with owning a car. Who may I remind is receiving that much for a car? Why would I turn around and become a victim of last year hunt for dummies who want to buy a car with tax return anyway? I learned my lesson and black people are so damn quick to lose money you sat down to earn, on sucker me this gimmicks. I am in no rush for a car. Nor may I remind you ask your ass for a ride or to borrow yours. So why in the world is your mind so damn set on me burying my ass in deep debt?”

Gina ” I just want to hear from you more. I gotta make time to call you more. I just want to call you to see how you are and see how baby girl is doing.”

Charity church Symone of Tennessee ” we assist families in need and through you qualify you must have a Tennessee licence. Can you email me your phone number and we can talk about how you may get on our waiting list.”

Claire ” You’re a full time student in another city and state getting your degree. I understand you got no time for your single mom friend. So please save me the pity party speech. Out of sight out of mind. I can’t tell you how many times I had to think twice about your name. Its Gucci. Hell half the time I have to convince myself to call my own mother. We make time for who we want to. That’s life. I am holding no grudge sister that I haven’t heard from you, or can’t see you. We love one another but we don’t owe each other a thing. Ain’t no way in hell I’m going to transfer over to Tennessee licence. I just can’t. Tennessee don’t own this chick none. I’m not slave to your diplomatic system. If I was in Alabama I wouldn’t have to longs my licence isn’t within expiration period. Nor in Atlanta would I have to. Tennessee isn’t all its cracked up to be. For one your heating systems suck. Your clothes and merchandise holds no candle to Atlanta or Alabama. If I took a pic of the place I’m paying $800 for a month those in Atlanta and Alabama would be appall. The streets are filthy and I can’t tell urban from rural. Its a place that is overpriced for merchandise that was very cheaply made. Quick fixes for things, homes, buildings, businesses, food and clothing that need be thoroughly investigated. Despite that I had known from the beginning Tennessee was no home nor place to settle. On to the next when my economic statues is stable. No state, city, country, county or person owns this chick.

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