Farewell hello

Claire “I was gone too long. Of course he didn’t miss me.

I left the city but I thought he would follow. I just hate this dumb city.”

Seating in a car trembling.

Claire” I’m freezing in this heat!”

No its fear of rejection

Claire ” old girl you still some little girl afraid he got someone, huh?”

He’s an jackass, why should I have to come back here?

Does he not know how much I honestly wanna burn this got damn city? Does he care that as much as I hate this fucking city I love him, I miss that dumb smile and miss those hands.

Claire ” Damn Kevin for making me seek his ass. He better be here.

Not that he knew I was coming.

Claire “I don’t care.”

Tap a the window. Claire jumps.

Claire ” Dear God!”

Exhale looks at the man at her car door she suddenly drops her head.

Claire ” Damnit he snuck up on me.

Kevin attempts to open the door.

Claire ” If you weren’t willing to stalk him in public and wind up getting caught you should’ve stayed home.”

Kevin “Excuse me, can’t hear your ass through this door.”

Scuffs, opens the door.

Claire “don’t take that tone with me. I didn’t just leave my mom’s place to be cussed out.”

Kevin grabs Claire by the waist

Kevin “then what you here for?”

Claire bites her lower lip turn her head, folds her arms.

Claire in a low mumbling growl “you, you ungrateful ass.”

Kevin pulls Claire closer, tighter, wrapper his arms completely around Claire’s back, turn the two around so that his back is suddenly lending for support against the car, then lowers his chin unto Claire’s shoulder.

Kevin “I didn’t hear you.”

Claire “For you!”

Kevin nods his head.

Kevin “so why you sat out here for nearly a damn hour? Would you have cranked the car and drove away if you saw me coming?”

Claire swallows hard and begin bouncing lightly on one leg.

Claire “I hate this city but I drove here to see you.”

Kevin “I know. I know you just want to escape it all.

Claire begins to shove Kevin but Kevin hugs her as like a baby begin to stroke her head and rubs her back.

Kevin ” I know being in this town scares you, baby. Hell I ain’t been in your shoes, but I can imagine it ain’t been easy on you to struggle so hard and see yourself ain’t moving how you like.”

Claire clears her throat.

Kevin ” hell you doing great from where I’m standing and I didn’t think for once you abandoned me cause you didn’t love me, or scared of us. I knew its just past demons and this city that constantly reminds you of a past you fucking want to forget and baby didn’t deserve to be hurt or taken advantage of like you had.”

Claire pushes Kevin

Claire “Then why you still here? Why ain’t you moved yet? Why am I standing here seeing you still at this old address? And when I told you where I was why did your ass hangup on me then ask me for money not once not twice but three fucking times? What’s wrong with you? You worked all your life. You knew I do anything for you but you not there where I am. I’m here where you are, in this stupid ass city I fucking hate?! What the hell you got your ass in Kevin? You owe some damn bookie or something?

Kevin laughs

Claire ” what!”

Kevin pulls out the money, puts it into Claire’s pocket

Kevin” I was testing my future wife.”

Claire look at Kevin. Nods her head and begins to walk back.

Kevin ” not how I picture it going down but here.

Kevin begins to get on one knee.

Claire ” out here on the streets? Kevin you playing stop, no more games.”

Kevin on one knee.

Kevin ” Girl I’m for real! I thought I knew you. But you not scared or timid. You be watching and calculative. Ambitious and honest. You an aight cook.

Claire “whatever. You clean your damn plate.”

Kevin “I’m always hungry. Now interrupting me woman. I’m not getting younger on these knees. Will you take me as your man?

Claire ” Really? Me? You want me?”

Claire begins to cry.

Kevin “I was waiting till my money get right to get you something you want. Your right I’ve been working all my life. You don’t take my shit, you never really ask for anything but my time. Recently you even ask to have my son and that’s wild to me. You make in better words my world something I ain’t never knew it could be. I rather wake up next to your crazy beautiful face every morning then by anyone else I couldn’t imagine being without you. Damn in my head the speech was better.

Claire ” it was damn perfect even (voice cracking) when you did call it a speech just now.”

Claire wipes her eyes. Still bouncing her left leg.

Claire ” ……….you want me?”

Kevin ” If you’ll have me.”

Claire “Hell yeah. I’ll take you.”

Kevin takes Claire hands

Kevin” Then you gotta call all your little boy toys and tell em you taken.

Kevin pulls Claire in. Puts both his hands in her pants backpockets.

Kevin “All this is taken, owned, and stamped by Kevin Chemale Winters. ”

Claire ” That goes for all your hochies momma. Them short wearing in the cold dumb Barbie, too much makeup wearing ain’t in my league little girls. ”

Kevin ” they don’t be wearing that much makeup.”

Claire ” whatever…..You really want me?”

Kevin ” longs you keep those curves. ”

Claire embraced Kevin with kiss and Kevin held Claire.

Kevin “I miss those got damn lips, and I ain’t just talking bout the ones on your face.

Claire ” well I miss all of you. Every. Last. Bit.”

Kevin picks up Claire as her legs wraps against his.

Kevin ” Damn I miss your ass woman!”

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