Good ol school days

I wouldn’t want to go back.

Too old and tired to go back.

Pero in this new world as I explore this Sunday afternoon. I am reminded of the smell of books, the stress of tests and the feeling of youth missing home.

I remember the feeling of anxiety to see ol school mates, friends, lovers, and enemies.

As we aged together, we stayed hopeful of tomorrow, never noticed the age in our eyes.

The gossip, get ol as we parted to go to the next grade, next class, on to the next season of things and life.

Autumn promised me boy toys, males who would share their precious time with me.

Giving me his every beloved spare second. And I loving every attention of my male compadre; for that class, that hour, that quarter.

Oh how fun being young was.

Being attractive only in his eyes without the motive of sex and bs but to be drawn into deep meaningly blissful conversation.

Topics of being under strict upbringing or another up until the bell rang and rising from the bleachers, desk, gym stage or auditorium seats.

Sighing from the thought of picking up my own backpack, my dear friend offers to carry it and walk me to my class.

How wonderful to be single and in 9th grade. And now at cough cough old I can’t wrap my little old finger around nor clap my hand for a guy to open the door.

Let alone tease with innocent empty promises to save my life.

To sit in class with once innocent guys and girls grew to be nasty hormonal teens, to vulgar violent criminal adults.

Mean cold hearted citizen of the state.

I would often be accuse of running with small clique or being alone. My way of living.

Less chance of being stabbed in the back. Or at least…fewer culprits.

Bonds severed during youth for rumors, moving, or just never meant to be.

Yeah I remember school, constantly having to wear a backpack. A habit I haven’t broken.

Summer time, winter time I still wore what I felt like. Always hot natured was confused as being referred to as fast tailed. Too many clothes just simply made me hot.

Naughty boys were unexcused to be fools, and so were old men.

I only had eyes for either bad boys or soft heart.

Autumn is so nice. Winter is so mean. To be fair you know your friends when its freezing outside than when the air is warm and the sun is high.

I knew bitter end in school. Wont be able to see her face cry, or his smile from those who left this world too young.

Trying to be a hero. Curiosity in the window between fireworks neighborly across the street and her house. Don’t be a fool, your not a human vest! But flesh and bone you dumb human meat bag but no meat no more. Cry no more.

I’ve no use for school. If another moron tells me Pluto is a star, tomato is a fruit one more time I am going to sue the school 3times fold for all my answers I’ve ever got wrong. Sighing I should have received a doctrine in bs.

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