That part right there

Him ” awe you just so innocent. You look like you could do no wrong.”

What are you crazy! First off how very insulting.

Do I look like I’m some figment of the imagination?

Incapable of no such mistakes as if my life is peachy and glory.

Please take me down from this unrealistic goal.

I’m human, and accept all my flaws.

I am a sinner, never claimed to be kind, friendly, or forgiving.

I would rather seat at the end of the table then maybe asked to seat by the prince, then assume front row and asked to move.

Humility isn’t something that comes easy. But nor does perfection.

It is so damn hard to please people these days that its just easier to set goals for myself and try live alone.

I can’t complain I am better company without a mask then trying to be this image every person paints.

How exhausting. How crazy! How no longer a thing I would do or consider fun since learning to love myself and put myself before the idea of men.

I could never live my on dad’s expectation, so who are you to think your better than the seed that brought me here?

I bear many crosses. Have made millions of mistakes. I walked into traps that a blind man would avoid.

I am far from a saint. Don’t make me into an idol. Oh how I hate false praises.

I am but a shell. Such giddy, tickle ear fancy, praises do not move me. Better yet they stall me to think what it is you want, or what motive to lift up my name from a face you know not its mind?

How much more do you paint the face of a pig and dress up with fine linen and jewelry?

I don’t ask for much but honesty. I am not hard to please but to be kept please now that’s a task!

I am not an immediate friend I weigh all my options before my next step or bear the consequences of totes on my shoulder’s pain.

Do not ask me to break down who I am.

To explain or justify my life’s worth.

I am human nothing more.

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