Society’s butchered excuses

You exploited generations of races may they; colored, Jews, Native Americans or otherwise, as inferior.

Stamped on them names of ugly ridicule with dangerous notions, and stripped them of all their belonging.

Took their bodies and their lands, stole their livelihood and called them barbarians.

Said without you they were no match, unable to think, and incapable of being humans, or civil.

Chased them down the rivers with dogs, hunted them, and hung them on trees.

Poked, cut, burned, tormented till the county over yonder received the foul message that people that were different from you deserved to be enslaved.

2002 in Paris her body was still kept in parts. Through she dies 1815 you refused to let go your prize hatred, your say proof that this race is inferior. Yet you charge a pretty penny to visit and proclaimed your city of love. It is not.

Now I go to a dentist and you say my extract tooth is your bio hazard. Since when? When you kept a mans dick in your grandfathers basement. Since when, when women were in the cellar screaming for the cruelties end.

Are you blind? Are you deaf? Are you turning the blind eye?

Say the government says its so. The government doesn’t even know what you speak of.

The rules applied as written but you make the law your own, applying only to what you deem so because you lack adequate understanding yourself of regulations you serve under hospital bylaws.

How could one side give back exacted parts and the other lie and use the false accusation of government law?

Doctor a simple I don’t know, would have suffice.

Before you lied and chuckled and told me to say my stress tooth was pulled because I refused to brush my teeth.

I won’t pass down your lies. I will in turn shed light to the truth.

OSHA knows nothing about patient unable to take home extracted tooth. Your city health center know nothing of this law. They point their fingers saying no when your own refusal is that you don’t want me to have what is legally mine.

It is those that are in field of doctrine that are refrained from taking home my tooth, to their uncle who can mash a tooth to precious diamond, to their families, to their homes.

“Look honey another colored woman rather remove a tooth than get a root canal, she rather buy a pair of Jorden’s or get her hair done. We could crush this tooth and make a jewel.”

Another butcher using another’s race body part for own selfish gains.

Wearing it “oh look how big it is how wonderful to wear diamond pressurized from the blood and bones of another.”

You clinics are all will be held in account for your lies and whomever else want to lie shares your hand in wickedness.

You don’t fool the Father above, lying, a Christ clinic you pray before accepting clients but you pray to the wrong god. Keep praying, for don’t your kids go to a clinic that return their tooth, or teeth. You be sure to keep thinking happy thoughts, hypocrisy don’t be surprise when it bites you in the butt.

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