With True Intentions

Kevin enters the dark room. Christine turns on the lamp beside her.

Christine “Hello beloved.” Kevin shuts the door behind him. Kevin “You didn’t have to wait up.” Christine rises from her arm chair wearing a nice deep blue Mermaid-Style Long Formal dress Christine walks to Kevin and wraps her arms under Kevin’s arms, lovingly, longingly, embracing his cool mild sweat musk. Christine moves her right knee between Kevin’s legs and rest her ear on Kevin’s heart.

Christine whispers ” I missed you. You smell so damn good.”

Kevin chuckles as he embraces her. She smiles refraining from the tears, holding tighter to Kevin. Kevin eases away.

Christine “I fixed you dinner, want me to warm it up?”

Kevin looks at the suitcases in the corner and chuckles, pointing at the bag “Are you kicking me out?”

Christine grabs Kevin’s hand and laughs “No, come over here and eat.” Kevin taking off his coat, Christine goes to the kitchen. Kevin “I’ m not hungry. I grabbed a bite before I hit the highway from work” Kevin walks over behind the chair. Christine wraps her arms around Kevin’s waistline. “Then let me get you a cooler. Take a seat.” Kevin reluctantly takes a seat. Christine walks over to the refrigerator. Pulls out a cooler and hands it over to Kevin, as she escorts him to the chair and removes his shoes. Christine ‘You must have worked hard?” Kevin accepts his cooler and exhales. “So you want me to leave after we smashed?” Christine pinches Kevin’s big toe. “Just drink your cooler. I thought you would want something to eat. Your eyes look so tired, these days.

Kevin opens his cooler and takes a swallow of his cooler. “I feel tired” Kevin looks at the bottle then at Christine. ” Babe, what was in it?” Christine sits on Kevin’s lap. “I love you more than life, since we first met. Your stubborn, cold-hearted, and all these years you forever selfish, never asking me about my day and turn around and leave me to my pain or own demise. Constantly, I leave out that door as if I am single. I can’t even answer myself Kevin you’re a cruel man that I known from the start your naturally talented and lonely. I never wanted to leave you side. I wanted to see you blossom into that man I knew you were destined to be. Root you on, and be by your side. If I am completely honest. “

Christine walks over to Kevin’s chair as she adjusts herself on Kevin, one leg smoothly into each groove of the armchair.”I love sex with you hon, to the point I go to sleep and we totally having sex in my dreams.” She reaches into Kevin’s shirt. Leans into Kevin limb body. She holds his face, with tears streaming. “You selfish deluded dummy. The moment I met you, I loathe you, because….because I didn’t understand why I loved you. A playboy that could hurt me in any moment. I knew I could never toy with you like I did the others. It was almost as if my body became transcendent. I didn’t notice how powerful the feeling was. When we did sleep together at least I woke up next to someone still sharing my bed.” Christine leans into Kevin’s ear. “To be quite fair you are absolutely the best. Waking up next to you is like a dream. Subjecting myself to a guy that would never text me if he’s ok, that’s the nightmare. Has he made it to his destination, is torture. You act as through my genuine concern for you, is a ploy. That I am just some groupie after you.” Kevin nods in a mellow tone “I do love you, Christine.” Christine slowly graze her face against Kevin’s as she looks at him.

Christine “Kevin maybe you think those words will keep me here.” Christine bites her lower lip. “Maybe you think…I don’t know what you think. You don’t tell me anything. It’s been 9 long inconsistent years and honestly I don’t think you know what love is. You keep everything bottled up and I wait for you to open up, like pulling teeth. I wear my heart on my sleeve I tell you absolutely everything, and yet I think you waiting for someone better, prettier, smarter, whatever. “

Christine leans back and rests her hands on Kevin’s shoulder, stroking them slowly as if rubbing away a cold. As Kevin’s head begins to droop Christine hold up his limp head, with gentle firm brace of her palm. ” We are a joke to any couple everywhere. The very joke I despised all my life. You know the joke, the woman that spends her life giving her heart to the guy that looks a lot like you, talented, so much potential and yet so much wasted time. ” Christine rises from the chair, while easing Kevin’s head to the headrest of the chair and exhales. ” I love you, but this is goodbye. I just wanted to sit down with you and have a real conversation. Something we never endured, or had time to do and just for one last night see Kevin’s beautiful face and not check your Facebook and stare at your page till your green light disappear. You didn’t even ask why I am so dressed up.” Christine walks over to the door and removes her coat from the closet, places the coat on, and picks up the briefcase.

Christine “I had no intention of staying here wondering if you would one day, or one night not return. Rather you missed me thinking why you, or where you were. You think my concerns were nuisance, fine. Keep the house.” Christine scratches her ear then places her hand on her belly. “I keep the baby and my sanity. ” Christine opens the door and exits but just as she closes the door behind her. Kevin and her whisper simultaneously “Happy New Years, babe.” Fire works can be seen and heard thundering in the distance. Christine walks to the car and places her brief case into the trunk of the car.

Kevin attempts to get out the chair, but only manage to fall unto his knees on the floor. Christine enters in the car and looks at the house. Kevin manages to sit upright on the floor “Don’t leave me alone, tonight.”

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