Taken out of context

He loves me. He said so.

That’s not what the text read.

It did, it totally did.

Wait someone text me?

How did I miss a text from yesterday?…….

Ew, like seriously gross.

Some nasty guy sent a pic of his thing, so gross.


Do you know who I am?

So gross.

Apologize, say you sent by mistake, even if its a lie.

So gross, who was this? Oh exhales sharply

That guy who almost sex a guy.

Why did he send two? Was one supposed to look better?

You can’t think two poses of the same dick would impress anyone?

Why me?


Oh you not even going to apologize, so bold for someone who never wanted you.

Ew, he’s like that annoying uncle whose 3years older, so gross.

Just blocked him.

Why do men like him exist? We never even nothing, like nothing.

Not like I could ever think of him, besides I want Kevin’s baby.

He loves me.

He said send me a pic of your breast jumping like when your riding on my dick.

Exactly your, mine.

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