I’ll still want you

You could move to the moon.

You could become a blade of grass.

You could be the strongest winds which wipes cars off highways.

I’ll still want you.

You can be silent like death in the night visiting an old man.

You can be louder than thunder that growls as through pushing a liberty bells head across a wooden stage.

I’ll still miss you.

The many voices that ask me how I am, does not compare to the two words I get from you.

I want you, to hold me.

I am greedy and still alive I’m starving for your empowering embrace, attend to my wounds as through a long lost bossom friend found.

How are you? How was your day? I want to hear the events which led from the moment light met your eyes.

Night come and I cannot sleep as through half expecting a knock at the door or window.

Give me yourself, your entirety, and hold none of it back.

The waves of us, gets us nowhere through rain stain the land which I lay.

Hold me!

Talk to me!

Come to me, I plea.

Allow me to empty out my selfish desire and I will be but a shell with heavy deep eyes.

You torment me with the chills of ever your presence.

I am giddy, with every whim of your tease.

Allow me to herance gravity and lay power over you, beloved.

As you so evidently have over me.

Allow me to be as through a satellite dish out of orbit unto an ant.

Open your heart to me as through a surgeon with a scalpel.

Your cold shoulder as though black ice to my heart.

Will you end this game of tests or shall I become ill with ideas?

This heart will endure better than the strongest metal, so behave and let me in.

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