Stop the press

What a man isn’t, is a security blanket.

There not the reason a woman is who she is.

They cant even bring life in the world, without a woman.

A man does not help her to mature, to ink for herself, and become independent.

A matter of fact too many men fear a independent, intelligent, conversation let alone a woman, with wit and can leave circles in his sports.

He is least of all her reason to live, breathe, sleep, eat, survive.

He cannot save her from her death, when her time come, he can’t even create oxygen, move back the sky or bring back Pluto to its former glory.

A man isn’t the reason she moves so freely from state to state, city to country.

These things can be done on impulse.

You say your brought tickets for a plan trip without a significant other but a woman must do so to meet a man or because he is in say city, county, country, state?

She learn to drive a car, to meet him at his house to have sex.

Funny here it just sounds like women and males switch roles.

For women that give away her power can easily take it away just by a snap of a finger.

I won’t walk around for some male who isn’t even my husband awaiting orders from an invisible, silent, never hearing general. I have a life to lead, and I orchestrate as I see fit.

A single person walking around as through a tail between its legs waiting for scraps or a sign to live. If anything when you open your eyes you don’t think ” So today whose my brain, and will, do I follow to give me permission to shit, and eat?”

Humans are but fickle minded creatures. And if man understood the law of woman he could make it much further, thinking before he acts. Taking in his surrounding and true cues, of rejection or acceptance and move forward from there same can be said visa versa.

To ask a woman who move from and to as she so wishes was it due to a man is to ask does a fly touch your nose because it thinks its shit?

I as a single individual, with two eyes, a mouth, and intellect, move and act because I chose to. No one has the power to tell me to jump, not even my mama less I solely desired to do so.

Manipulation may run with the first 3 letters being man but dictionary does not say man is a sex or gender but of homosapien foundation. As many historians who came up with term sume

Stupid, dumb, arrogant little boys playing grownup when you should go back to school.

Its 2019 and women came to slay. Not be mommy of another’s woman grown ass son, but to be leaders and taken seriously.

To act as a dick controls anything is simply, child’s play.

Everyone know if women altogether cease all acts of intercourse, where would the world be in 40 years?

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