Call me crazy

Call me crazy.

I rather work smart than hard.

But all my life a been working hard and they called me lazy.

Give me the piece of my pie and you still being stingy

Give me more and I still call you lazy.

Called me crazy, but you driving me mad.

My back in shambles guess I should have lift from the knees.

My neck burning and you can see without a sneeze.

Hold up, wait a min, got a back up and see.

Looking like hickies which I assure you they not.

Im grateful for the house but lord please gets these pests off me.

These bugs, these folks, and my bloody mind.

I dont know how I got to this point.

Heartburn thinking I might be a walking shell.

Little freaking spiders don’t tell me I’m their feast when I go to bed.

Landlord sends his regards.

If I can’t sleep, I bet he won’t either.

I ain’t even under and I’m praying the little critters ain’t creeping crawling in my skin like a party in atl like lights on the highway to hell.

Tell me I ain’t up again. Wondering whose tipping in the yard.

Up again in the house seeing if I got checking inn what won’t check out?

Up again checking on my family like a clock work, around the clock watchman like my college years.

Got my blade in one hand and my taser on my person.

My door ain’t got no alarm and teckno is like heck no, cause when they want you the come get you.

But what about a bit of peace of mind that won’t burn my pockets

I seen nature, I seen horror, I know bugs n people get under your skin

God please send your angels and love my way. This world is too cruel to let my guard down, my fist at it’s side. I’m alone so I got to lend on my sense like a blind man on HP.

Unexplained bites on body, unexplained pain in body. From head toe im itching.

Suavitel, Foca, and clorox was the cure for walls in the halls and the floors but the holes in celling cave in from the intruders.

Know I close the blinds and sealed them from eyes so who moved them from window? My eyelids rise if I hear the house settle once.

Dear God when I die please turn me to dust in milliseconds.

Can hear those planes over head and pray I ain’t next, 9/11.

Damn pest should have shipped when they seen me coming. Went next door. Ain’t nobody next door, just stay next door.

Why do pest make homes out of human homes? When you see a watz next in the roof dont you think ” cant you find a tree?”

They say spiders look for pest I wish they looked else where. Like 1bug ” have you seen the Johnson place?” Spider ” have you seen the boarded house?”

It ain’t even cold outside and they too cozy in my hot house.

Why dont bugs get banned all these kill em solutions wouldnt have to work if government put an end to their sexual life.

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