What is this pain, burning with intense emerse fire, ache to know how you are doing? How you are feeling?

This I can’t breathe chest feels tight, head aching emotion?

Do I hate you?

Is this lust, then why only towards you as you never escape my pondering, every busy gaze.

I am having fun without you, don’t get me wrong. And when I am away I don’t feel guilt when I live my life as my own pleasure allows, however the image of you by a simple mention of sorts brings me back to you.

Is this? It feels like its wrong. Holding to you like a wayward child. An adult clinging to a blanket fetish.

This ridiculous obsession towards you is an abnormal unrequited love. As if I have never been denied, or let down.

Wrapped around this heart of dry ice is a deep boiled acid coated tar which is you.

I beg the one above to tear you from me as a dear beloved teddy bear from the warm arms of child whose arms are coated in molasses and nails of talon in the sides of my stuff friend.

My heart is heavy with these emotions, low is my stomach in starvation to see what you do next. My mind in constant pain. My neck holding up the endless imagination in pure agony. This spirit sighs as large a wind to push the tides that swallows ships, planes, and whales for your next embrace.

Why would you be any different? Why should I go full anime and assume you would stay when every one else has long walked away.

What twisted unkind fate to love you and cannot have you.

Life is such a cruel thing and which I wish for you I had no conscious.

Past this blasted cup to anyone I care not for this heinous evil concern which is you. Help me out of this!

Eradicate the very memories of every second since our encounter than what a glorious life I would hold.

I dissect and studied endlessly without resolution or answers as a scholar in his lab with a doctrine under his belt. I get nowhere. Forget it!

Pushing back the overwhelming concern aside as a child running into the rain with my own tears streaming down my face as through the sensation of ocean waves beat against my chest and heart while my feet dragged the floor bearing unbearable chains of despair.

When did caring for you, wanting you to be your best and wanting to understand you, just speak to me, begin to feel and be so dangerous?

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