Just The Opposite

I was supposed to get his attention.

I worked so hard to be so close.

Then all that work was destroyed by one rumor.

This rumor was not cast by the liar who set the net.

I am pretty sure there were much worse things said and by seemingly closer alliance at the time.

Judas was everywhere.

How does a friend take a word of a lying fein and run with it?

In what world can any man truly get everything and person to his whim? Jesus the best of us all who died to save us will see plenty in hell. What man is greater than He?

So my action became repulsive. Dragged on to get an emotion out of him I made him hate me, just so I would move on.

His idea and views was nothing short of a nightmare gone wrong.

I can’t help that now I just want nothing to do with a guy that thinks so low of me. Get behind me weak, lonely and desperate. I won’t be your saving grace, nor ignorant pawn, or tool to save your face.

Drown alone.

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