What’s It To You?

I am pretty sure friends don’t dish out envy, or false compliments.

We all have our baggage.

I never claimed perfection.

A matter of fact I’m far from it and cool with it.

I am never looking for handouts, never asked for pity, money or love.

I did beg a guy for sex, well honestly I wanted him to prove to me he wasn’t gay.

Ok weird but I am pretty sure he ain’t. Or is he? A part from the fact he rather have pics than body. I like him. I’m so into him I am pretty sure its love. It hurt me through. Told me I am slut. Kind of offensive coming from a guy that is one. Yet he made it seem like it was more to it. Accuse me of sleeping with a married man and when I denied it promptly he excused it with ” you were young.”

I was young? If I died today I’m still young but beside that why would such a jack ass excuse my sins? I never asked to be on display and honestly my what a knock the wind out my chest punch he gave like CB. Funny his role model in whom I didn’t test.

What’s it to a man to tell a woman her own sins? Can you bare my life stories and live it better? On the outside he has no idea what he’s doing. Playing second fiddle to the man’s demand and then want to throw a random and totally out of this world remark, shade, and shame upon someone who watched you from the corners become the man you are.

I am tired that blow really took me out for the count like being accused of murder. Seriously someone might as well came up and slap some cuffs on a sister after that blow.

A close ally she was supposed to be but all she did was really stayed the distance. I couldn’t get it. After 4 years we hadn’t really hung out. Guess that question at the party really took some people by surprise. You know what surprised me? That I only offered to cook for 5 people for New Years and it literally doubled day of, and during the whole thing I was cramped in a small kitchen asked over a dozen times by strangers “When the food was going to be ready.” or such like by young adults who seemed to have forgotten total manners from their parents. Annoyed that the only other person I wanted was the toad above to show up. Cheers.

Guess next time truth or dare come up I won’t ask anyone would they rather eat a slug or give head ever again. I rather eat a slug. He didn’t say that, through. Smh

To this day ridiculous tension among us. In the end, our ties will be cut, it’s just a matter of time. People who suffer from Self preservation never get it. You explode in unnecessary proportion when both suffer from one ended silence. Looks like talking behind my back is all they good at. Acting as through I have to be the glue when I know I’m rubber, all you say bounce off me and stick to you.

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