At Kevin’s wake

Thomas exits the kitchen and enter the parlor with two mugs of hot coffee. He hands one to Delicia and the other to Jasmine. Paul is sitting on the couch and watching football. Old women could be heard wailing and screaming from the Den as he turns up the volume. Aunt Nancy screams ” Lord he was so young!” Great uncle Pete weeping bitterly in the corner ” He was a good boy.” Is all he could muscle out. Jared sighs and nod with a face of utter disbelief but hands shaking as if the crowded house had death walking and watching for it’s next victim throughout it. Thomas scratches his nose. ” I didn’t think he would go before any of us.” Jasmine with tearful eyes ” Then when? In what order were we to go Thomas?” Thomas looks at Jasmine ” I’m sorry former” using hand quation marks. “Mrs. Winston. Didn’t think the comment would make you suffer.” Delicia sips her coffee ” Ew, Thomas this is bitter.” Thomas takes the cup from and her hand and sips the coffee. “Ack,” smacking his tongue in disgust. ” No its too sweet!” Delicia sighs heavily and marches to the kitchen. Thomas inhales” what I still don’t get is how he managed to not only marry 3x but how he married you two and you be fine.”Jasmine looks at Paul who greets Adrian and her son. Jasmine smirks ” why is she here?” Thomas looks at Jasmine with dismay. ” Well wife #2 far as I know that son beside her is Kevin’s, also she was the last wife.”

Paul walks over to Adrain, sobbingly pushing aside the handsy Uncle Jasper. Uncle Jasper. Catching his balance. “My Adrian you too young to be a fool’s widow. 49 years old and your son’s only 14. He shouldn’t be without a father. ” Uncle Jasper’s leg caves under him suddenly as he looked over to the foyer where Kevin’s casket is, as through a wind nudge him from that direction. Adrian looks around and spots Delicia and Jasmine as if to say so what she continues to search around. ” Uncle Jasper “please have a seat and try to calm your nerves we don’t want to have to send you to the hospital.” The boy also looks around and says ” Mom, where is aunt Christine?” Jasmine over hearing the question she looks around as if nervous and guilty. Pastor Jacob enters the room. He walks over to Adrian “Mrs. Winston how are you feeling? Is there any thing I may get you before the service?” Adrian looks around almost worried. ” I am awaiting a friend pastor and as soon as she arrive we may get started.

Delicia walks over to the table followed by Brendon, Kevin’s older brother who resemblance is uncanny only broader and an inch shorter then Kevin was. Jasmine snorts ” well there’s one person. I truly know isn’t coming.” Brendon’s shock at the tone of disgust he looks at her head tilted as through seeing a stranger take a sip out of his cup. Thomas answers ” If you speaking of who I think you are ..” Delicia scuffs ” Of course she wouldn’t be here.” Interrupting Thomas Brandon looks puzzle ” Who is this woman that ruffled you ladies feathers?” Chuckles as he takes the coffee pot from the maker and pours himself a cup. ” She surely isn’t a dull one ” Thomas slyly answers” Christine.” Delicia presses her elbow into Thomas side as Jasmine leans her body into Thomas pressing her the heel of her foot in top of Thomas’s. Brandon scringes his face as he slyly scratches the back of his head. While Thomas blankly stare into the crowd he takes another sip if his coffee.

Christine enters as if being summoned was greeted by Adrian who hugs Kevin’s son first then Adrian. Jasmine” What the hell is she doing here?” Thomas looks at Jasmine and Delicia and shoves his hands in his pockets. Delicia with a mocking undertone ” Did you know she would be here?” Thomas rocks on his heels. ” Well she deserve to be here as much as anyone. A matter of fact she contributed more, how could I tell her no but thanks for the checks.” Jasmine paces back and forth ” I can’t believe. ” Thomas intervenes ” He would have wanted her to be here.” Another young man enters and shakes hands with Adrian’s son. Adrian seem to be please with him as he stands beside Christine. Delicia whispers in a shocking tone” look at him.” As she takes a step back. Thomas cocks his head sideways ” He looks like Kevin.” Jasmine smirky ” So she found her a young man that double ganger of Kevin. They look cozy. She’s old enough to be that boy’s mama. How dare she bring her a man at the so called man she loves funeral. “

Pastor Jacob exits after shaking hands with Christine and the young man. At the pollium “now the family will say solo farewell to a very young talented brother who led a life of a man of God. I knew Kevin before I was saved and boy we were trouble makers. I have to admit Kevin had a certain light about him. You couldn’t deny he made you hate loving him sometime.” Christine sitting in the back laughs “sure did.” Adrian looks at Christine watching the casket as if half expecting Kevin to rise. Adrian takes Christine’s hand “You ok?” Christine shakes her head and the waterworks began. The young man embraces Christine whisper into her ear. His eyes blood shot and checks a bit swollen as if he cried and screamed.

Pastor Jacob “Now I would like to invite a sister who is hiding in the back to be the first to say her official farewell. As she won’t do so without a push Christine may you, come on up here?”

Christine looks at Kevin as he lay in a dark green and blue suade suit. Tears streaming down face and trembling lips she sniffs ” you basturd. How could you leave this way? ” choking her tears back ” I loved you, and I didn’t even get a proper hug you son of a bitch you so damn selfish!” Christine fans her face. ” I hate you making me wait! ” Christine bites her lips and places her hand on the casket, tears fall unto Kevin’s inner vest. ” you should have came back to me!” She growls and looks to heaven as she wipes her tears, she swallows a heavy knot in her throat which seemed to ache from the burden of holding back rrgret. “I’m the one that missed you most and you leave me and I can’t even yell at you, you dumb selfish son of a bitch. I meant nothing to you, huh!” Thomas and the young man rise to stand and comfort Christine just as she falls on the floor. She begins to sing. “Savior, savior, hear my humble cry. Do not pass me by.” She wimpers tears flowing down her trembling chin. She beats her chest as if choking on food. “Kevin!” She sniffs and clears her throat. She screams”You never loved me back!”

Jasmine wispers ” look at her making such a fuss.” Delicia with tears in her eyes her lips trembling. ” Don’t tell me, you believe that mess.” Delicia snaps ” look she got every right to display whatever feeling she has. Do you think she came here to put on a show?” Jasmine looks shock ” yes! Yes I do.” Delicia ” and what about you? Can you say you liked him at all?” Jasmine shuffles in her seat as the pew squeaks. Delicia holds back her head and exhale” she honestly pouring her heart to a dead man nothing more. Far as I’m concerned looks like we the introdures” Jasmine folds her arms and rocks her bottom jaw. ” It’s an act. She has a young man.”

After the service Jasmine rushes to meet Christine, Adrian and the group. Adrian catches a glimpse of the charging Jasmine and blocks her. ” What do you think you doing?” Jasmine snorts ” why is she here? What does she think to accomplish putting on a show as if Kevin ever wanted her to be here.” Adrian raises her hand to slap Jasmine but the young man that accompanied Christine held her hand. He places her on firmly but softly to his chest as he asks looks Adrian in the eyes with nose deep light brown eyes and Kevin’s younger face. Adrian takes the hint and softly touches his face, she smiles at him with a nod then turns to see Christine waiting on her as she holds Adrian’s son hand with the other hand she rubs his back to assure him his mother is alright and to not intervene. The young man in front of Jasmine turn around and looks at Jasmine. “My mother taught me to respect my elders, but she also said allow no one to run over you. ” The young man points at Christine “that’s my mother and we just buried my dad. Please show some respect during a furneral. I am Kevin Jr.” He smiles a devilish grin with a scuff he turns away smoothly and rejoins the group as he takes his mother hand she smiles and holds his face.

Delicia mocking Jasmine ” That’s why he looks so much like him.” Jasmine jaw dropped. Thomas walks from behind Delicia ” Yeah, close your mouth before a fly jump in.” Thomas pops a few Skittles into his mouth Brandon moves from behind him”If I had known,” shook his head. He hits Thomas arms for a handout. Thomas makes a face but shakes a few skittles out the bag. Delicia ” Explains how Adrian and her get along so well. But kind of contradicts why would they?” Jasmine whisper ” She must have really liked him.” Paul he kept running from her, avoiding her calls, so instead of chasing him, she moved where those two met they shortly lost contact not knowing how Kevin looked fate had her marry but shortly after Kevin Jr Jr turned 3 they met at the Galleria and Bam we here now. ” Everyone looking at Paul. Paul smiles ” Sorry for your lost.” In the distant the two women and young men watch as the dirt was thrown on the casket.

A car pulls up and a tall man early 40’s with brown hair and bright brown eyes gets out the car. Alone with him a young lady that looks like Christine and a baby girl that takes after the man waves at the group. Christine runs to the man’s arms. The man lifts her as she kisses him dearingly. The little girl who looks to be about 6 tugs at her mom’s dress. Christine chuckles as she wipe the lipstick off of his lips.”Hay Demarkus what are you in the girls doing here?”Demarkus chuckles a deep laugh “I can’t go to long without you.” The little girl pulls at Christine until she picks her up. “Plus these two act like he would rise and tke you from us.” Emma the young lady “Mom is he

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