The gentleman and the player

Mark is sitting at the bar when Travis a skinny, tall, medium built 35 6ft 2 enters the scene. Mark doesn’t notice as he is staring in his glass. Travis seize the moment to tap him on his right as Mark looks to his left. Travis shuffle on his foot almost losing his balance. The two men laugh and greeted with a hug

Mark ” my man it’s been too long.” Travis too long. What 2 years?” Mark chuckles he’s 6ft dimples teeth that makes him look like he model for men’s and family magizane. Mark ” really has been a long time, hay let’s sit at a table. I have one reserve just for the occassion.” Travis ” Yeah alright lead the way.” Mark ” Man look at you, you look like you on the leash, where’s wife?” Travis takes a seat ” Oh no, I’m single and always on the prowl?” Mark chuckles softly ” You not rootiv the same team are you there Travis?” Travis taken back and a bit shock ” Come on man, really?” Mark ” niggro that ain’t a no.” Travis ” Nawl man I ain’t gay. I’m just not ready for that anytime soon?’ Mark “Had to make sure. Josh told me you still single and I was like, he got someone. Come on man your 35, complication for pregnancy increase on both sides as we get older, now. Travis ” you do you and I do me.” Mark ” aight, I ain’t paying for no old folks home for you. I ain’t paying a young lady to change your diaper.” Mark screench his face as if an 50year old egg had cracked. ” No one should have to see your wickled dick.” Travis laughs ” Man preacher boy. Can you tell me why I’m here, or should I leave and you save these souls in the bar?” Mark took a sip of his tea. ” I’m getting married.” Travis looks at Mark as through to say for real. ” Yeah. Me.” Travis nods his head and takes a shot of his Vodka ” Man what?” Mark ” I would like you to be the best man.” Travis gets up and signal for a hug. Mark laughs and rise to hug his friend. Travis a little touch in his voice ” Man I’m honored. You know I got your back. I didn’t even know you were dating.” Mark sits down ” Yeah man. Before I knew it I was ring haunting. I just had to say something. She the one I couldn’t let pass by. ” Travis sits and signal to the waiter a refill. ” Man have I met her?” Mark laughs ” you meet this weekend. I need you to behave those old jokes and womanizing ways she dont tolorate. ” Travis eaves his hand defensively ” She don’t tolorate? What is she your momma?” Mark scoots closer to the table ” I am so serious man. She’s the one and we getting married in 2 months, I don’t need any screw ups, momma jokes, or faith jokes.” Travis laughs so much he bellows over. Mark scratches his ear as he waits for his friend to cease. Travis ” you found yourself a real kill joy. If you let me put her to the test I save you from the worse mistake.” Mark snaps ” Christine is not a mistake! She is my soon to be wife. In the 1 half year we been together she allowed me to see a life I would rather have with her than trying to continue dating aimlessly. I believe we were put together by God, because she is truly amazing and just you have to meet her. Travis clicks his tongue in disbelief as he looks to the ceiling. ” She must have big breast.” Mark exhales ” Man come on!” Travis meets his friend face and nods ” ok. I can see you totally over the moon for her, so I will try to behave.

Travis watches the woman enter the bathroom as Mark approaches she reemerges from the bathroom Travis takes one step but Mark beats him to her. Travis looking confuse. Mark lists his voice ” Hay everyone, this fine lady here.” She nudges Mark’s side and he takes her hand. ” She my future wife, Christine. Travis eyes widen as he realize for the first time, he wanted what Mark had. Christine smiles at Mark biting her lips, nodding and shaking the guest hands. They make their way to Travis. Mark excitedly ” bay, meet my best friend slash best man Travis Dekato from Wisconsin. ” Christine extends her hand” Nice to meet you.” Her voice was mellow deep. Brown skin 5ft 7without the heels. Travis takes a sip of his whiskey. Christine smiles and looks at Mark who is glaring at his friend. ” Excuse us babe, I be right back.” He snatches Travis into the hallway. ” What the hell was that?”

Travis yells “What about him that makes him so special?” Christine takes a sip of her cream soda in a bottle. She chuckles ” I don’t know when it started. He wasn’t like you which made it great. I don’t need a model or pretty boy. I need a man that won’t push me to change. He never tried to change, fix, alter, me in any way. Now did he listen and at first he was just silent.” She sniffs ” I thought he was being rude but he was taking it in. He didn’t expect anything from me, nor force his friends on me. ” Christine takes another sip. ” He knew how stubborn I was and patiently awaited my text messages. It would be one every other day, asking how I was, if I needed anything. His shoulder are always available for me alone. He sees I hate confrontation and very particular and for whatever reason turns him on and not away. In short he is a far better man than you, Travis. Christine arise from the couch and walks away. just as she passes Travis grabs her wrist but suddenly lets go. Christine leaves the bar.

Travis Chuckles “He is better.”

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