The bottom line

Brian crosses his arms and coldly remarks. ” I dont get why you women are all alike especially you black ones.

Christine cheeks were heated as she held back her tears of anger. She swallows the hurtful words and nods her head as she rocks against the walls of her bedroom she looks to the ceiling and licks the side of her mouth. ” Brian your one stupid man. You insisted on having sex after knowing me, what, 3 in a half days!” Brian barks ” you entered my pocket as I was a sleep!” Christine replies ” you moron the condom felled unto the bed so I returned it. I didn’t attack you! You barged into my bedroom! I never pretended we were going to do something I clearly had zero interest in you sexually. Zero!”

Brian punches his fist into the bedroom wall. Christine sharply ” Get out! All you men think about is sex! You ain’t entitled to nothing! This my body and I deserve to be respected, I’m got damn human being not some got damn animal for your sick pleasures and amusement. Act like I have no say in my got damn home, you tripping! Leave” she growled. Brian takes Christine by the wrist. ” I ain’t leaving without something!” Pulling and tearing at her dress Christine takes out her hidden taser and aims it into Brian’s neck as the volts release a powerful surge the smell of burnt hair and iron faints into the room. As Brian’s body fall unto the floor so does Christine from the shock of using the taser.

An hour later a key turns in the front room door. Kevin enters and closes the door as slowly as not to wake the home. Brian is still in the spot he fell while as Christine backed into the corner the taser still tightly in her hand, she begins to whimper. Kevin locks the door and walks over to Christine. He crotches over her as he removes the taser and holds her. Stroking her short hair. He rubs her hands his hands lukewarm. He smelled of a bit of cigar, alcohol, but the overwhelming smell musk and men spray on deorderant. Christine can tell he swung over soon as he left work from out the city. Her tears begin to choke her as she didn’t expect him to answer her call let alone to remember where the key was hidden outside.

Kevin helps Christine to her feet as he looks as Brian on the floor, Brian moans. Kevin takes the taser and zaps him in the back.

Christine holds Kevin back. Kevin rubs Christine’s arms back and forth. ” Are you alright? Did he rape you? Touch you?” Christine shakes her head and Kevin exhales. ” What do you want me to do? Whatever it is I got you.” Christine looks at Kevin then back at Brian.

Driving and feeling anxious as Brian lay in the passenger seat, Christine checks the rearview mirror as Kevin follows in his loud forest green Mercedes 3 lengths of a car away a siren goes off and Christine pulls over. 2 officers exit the car. As one go on both sides of the dodge Christine’s heart beat faster. The officer taps the window. ” yes sir?” The officer responds” Are you aware the tag expire and the left light is out Miss?” Christine shakes her head. The other officer shouts. ” We are going to need to see your license and registrations, ma’am.” Christine checks the glove department for registration then pull out her license and hands them both to the officer on her left as she places her hands back on the steering wheel. The officer ” Your not Brian Maze is he, that pass out on the side of you there? ” Christine “Sir.” The other officer ” This man smells of alcohol. ” He flashes the flashlight at Christine. ” Have you both been drinking ma’am?” Christine ” No sir. The bar asked me to pick him up as he passed out there. I’m only driving him and the car home.” Kevin walks slowly to the police as the office recognized him, he explains the situation and the police return to the pickup. ” I’m sorry for the misunderstanding ma’am, your fiance explained everything and now free to go. ” as he passes the information back he grabs his belt walk to his car and drives off.

Brian moans. Christine nods at the passing officers. ” Oh shut up! The quicker we part the better I feel. Christine cranks up the car as Kevin signal he is ready. At the Mountain Brook park Brian is in the driver seat pants and shirtless. Christine chuckles ” His clothes in the trunk, should be glad his drawers are on since I have no interest in seeing it, anyway. Kevin chuckles ” Real men should respect women at all times.” Christine smiles at Kevin ” Fiance?”

Kevin looks at Christine seriously. ” If you have me?” Christine kisses Kevin passionately and he leans his forehead on hers. ” What took you so long?” As they seat in the car Christine admires the ring. The scream. The car jolts then Kevin gains control o the car. ” What!?” Christine takes hold of Kevin’s arm. ” Thank you.” Kevin chuckles. ” Well not like he’s dead and we got off with murder. ” Christine eyes widen and she pinches Kevin who chuckles. ” For choosing me. I thought you hated me.” Kevin looks at Christine ” No I dont hate you. I never could.” Christine scratches her head and scream. Kevin ” Woman! What is it now.” Christine pokes out her lip. ” I cut my hair!” Kevin snickers and nods his head. He places one hand on her head and strokes it to the back. ” So, still beautiful. ” Christine smiles as she leans back against the car door. ” What have you done with the old Kevin?”

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