Miles apart

Sitting next to James, Claire is pondering. James seem distant and cold.

Claire picks up the barbeque flavored twistes chips and crutches loudly. James snaps into reality and glares at Claire. Claire sticks her tongue out. Then suddenly bites her lower corner lip.

Claire” so this is the end? You want to break up?” James exhales ” We never dated we just smashes.” Claire leaps back unto the hood of the car and looks to the night sky with trembling lips, burning cheeks, and eyes wailing up.

“I love you, James.” James sighs loudly, places his hands into his pockets he leans against Claire. Claire drops her head as the tears stream down her face, her heavy sniffing echo’s into the night air. Through the night air was beginning to chill the two were sweating.

Claire chokes ” Why?” James turns to face Claire, he parts her thighs with his knees as he holds her side. ” You love me, more.”Claire cries heavier as she throws herself into his shoulders one nostril closed she can still breaths in his musk. James musk whose she wakes up to. Go to bed with, watch from a distance as he goes about his day. Claire always watch and knowing this day may come dreaded ever second she went about her day not by his side. Her heart sink shattered in the heat of battle to unrecognizable pieces. In its place was oozing life she suddenly felt ill, tired, and out of breathe. James’s hands move from her waist to her thighs as he gives on final squeeze. ” I just don’t love you Claire.” Claire jumped from the car knocking off the hood of the car the snacks and drinks. She scratches and nods her head as she walks to her house, she opens the door and slams against it. Sliding against the door she falls into indian position.

She weeps bitterly ” How could you be so cruel to me after all these years? Since when did I lose your love?”

The engine of the car spuddered as James whips the car and drives off to the freeway home.

Later that night Claire goes to the bathroom. Her hair totally a mess, makeup ruined and clothes diserray. Claire grabs one handful of hair and snips it with the scissors in the other. As she look at the new do she stuffs a grocery bag from walmart full of her formal hair. She sniffs as the words repeated in her mind. ” I just don’t love you, Claire.” Claire shouts back ” Then I won’t love either! No matter who comes my way. I will be just as cold as there isn’t no one better, James you wait and see. When I become the woman every great man wishes he had. I make you beg on knees to return to me. Let’s see if I be so gracious then? If your not taken by then to let you back in”

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