On the radio

Carlie station 42.1 This your girl Carlie its 8:15 your host for tonight. Real talk. How is everyone doing? I love, love, love my fans and love my fans to talk back. It is now the hour which people respond. Really! No! He didn’t! She didn’t say that! Let’s put it on the radio and dry out those dirty drawers. Here’s our first listener. Carrie.

Carrie “Hello.”

Carlie ” Hay lady, how are you? Welcome to it’s your hour on the radio with me your girl Carlie.”

Carrie ” Hi Ms. Carlie thank you so much oh my gosh. I’m on the air haha.

Carlie ” Yes girl, so whats the dirty sits tonight? Or are you hollering at the folks back at home?”

Carrie laughs ” Oh well I’m hollering at the folks at home. I need to tell them something at once and all my peeps listens to your show.”

Carlie chuckles ” Well thank you I have mad love for all my mad fans. So Carrie what’s your news forecast for all your lovely peeps listening to my beautiful show at home.

Carrie silent for a moment. Then a sudden squeal” I’ m getting married!”

Carlie scuffs ” Omgs girl congratulations. Whose the lucky or fortunate fellow? What he do and how did he propose?”

Carrie ” Just now. We are at the football game and Auburn won and up on the board he had will I marry him, and I was just screaming and I don’t know what came over me. I was like we been together 9 years on and off and I though for sure he might like not be into me like that….”

Carlie interrupts ” but then he pops the question and had that ring… You knew what time it was.

Carrie crying ” He propose to me!”

Carlie ” Congratulations. Here’s to my next caller Jessie! What’s up girl. Dirty laundry or news hun?”

Jessie ” Oh dirty laundry, for 300 please?”

Carlie scoots closer to the mic. ” Oh girl do tell. ”

Jessie ” Well first congrats to Carrie for finding a good one. Through he wouldn’t made her wait so long.

Carlie “Right!”

Jessie ” What’s up with those hump brothers?”

Carlie burst out laughing ” Sorry hump brothers?”

Jessie ” You know the type. The be all on a sister bumping like a dang monkey, as if they momma taught them nothing.

Carlie ” I see. ” Scratches her head

Jessie inhales sharply ” ok let me start from the top. I was chilling with a brother right? And he went all crazy. First we hung out he was cool. Brought a sister a drink and it was seriously hot out and I was like he seemed cool. He asked if he could see me the next day. No show.

Carlie ” oh no, see I don’t play that!”

Jessie ” so I see him again says something came up but could we meet up later that day.

Carlie ” um hum.”

Jessie ” Negro was over an hour late and arrived with liquor in a foam cup. I was like seriously. So he asked to pee and when I went in to see what was up cause we were chilling initially on the porch. Like I caught his ass asleep in my bed. I was like nigga what! He was all stretched out.

Carlie ” You would have kicked his butt out your house and had a police escort him to either his crib or jail!”

Jessie ” I don’t know sister always tired and I had no interest in having sex or making waves. Anyway negro grabs my wraps real quick then spun me onto the bed and began dry humping I’m like fighting him to get off and he trying so hard to pull up my dress or throw me off my bed.

Carlie ” Are you OK? You should have monsters like that behind bars where he can get a taste of his own prescription. ”

Jessie ” I manage to get from under him, I mean for real between him fucking the air or lying completely on top of me which he by no means a real fat fellow but he wouldn’t no light weight on a sister by far, hear what I’m saying?”

Carlie ” yeah I gotcha.”

Carrie ” What baffled me was that this grown man was trying so hard to have sex with a stranger. The length he went. Even when I got him to the door he grabbed my shoulder tried to turn me around and bend me over talking about 5 min let me hit it as if he was no doubt entitled. Really scared me. I block his number and just now I don’t trust men. For real real talk? Why do men feel it necessary to deprive women the right to say no? Why the act like we objects and ain’t got no feelings? Why men act like its pride that we reject them when really sex is much deeper for a woman. Think about it. Who gotta accept a him. All I can say is man was stupid. Kept trying to force me to force me to touch it.”

Carlie “Well I am glad you lost contact with him. Thank you so much for sharing Carrie. Wow this is crazy. Ladies if any man you meet is aggressive in any way disregard him. You deserve respect. Hay and any man out there with an aggressive female leave. Don’t accept any person that does not respect you. Hay looks lime has whined down. Everyone have a beautiful night. “

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