Terrible withdraw syndrome

” I know it will take time. Maybe this isn’t love but a terrible lust withdrawal. I do not sleep well most nights. Tossing and turning or looking at the ceiling. I imagine him everywhere. When I’m with another he is still judging me. I see he must be happy. I mean I long cease going to Facebook. I could visit any page I want but I lose interestas soon as I remind myself I mustn’t see his page. I dont see a point and seeing comments other wise. I could make another page no matter how much he block me but I think he hates me so I lose face. It’ like losing your youth and essence of life all at once by rejection from the one person you love. You know there’s better but it honestly feels like uselessly digging at the bottom of the barrel. Maybe that’s all I got. Or all I had. I’m tired of hating or loving. I wish I never met him then I wouldn’t be on such a fine line to this lost. It’s terrible every got damn car, every male voice I just want him. I have cold chills at night. I fine myself looking around like a got damn baby looking for momma. ”

Tears run down Sherrie’s face as she brings her feet to her chin. Sitting on the free foam futon couch. Dr. Frank gets the tissue box and passes it to her. The smell of lavender and pomegranate vanilla became lighter the doctor notices the time from the grandfather clock by the door.

Dr. Frank a skinny oval face bald middle aged man brings a bony index finger to the bottom of his glasses to adjust them. He clears his throat.

” Why yes unrequited love is naturally very exhausting. For someone whose gave and expected nothing in return only trust, recognization, and respect for 9years is time going into honestly a relationship. This was a heartless being whose concern was clearly for himself made you do all the guessing work. And through you didn’t ask for him to change for you as the giving party suffered because your feelings grew from like, admiration, then truly love. For men who love sacrifice themselves into the one they love all giving and rarely asking. It is a most difficult quality to indeed find in this world. As a pyscologist I say your feelings are completely normal and not at all over reacting the situation. It is him for not recognizing then speaking upon rather he shared or did not accept your feelings. ”

The Doctor place his glasses down and rubs his eyes. Clicks his tongue as he takes a sip of water.

” Ms. Sherrie there is no time frame for which the heart mends but I hope you understand me when I tell you I hope you take care that not sleeping is a bad habit to break and you must find an outlet other than my office such as boxing or something where maybe you can put your energy and focus in before bed time to ease that wondering mind. ”

Sherrie sniffs ” I understand Doctor.”

Dr. Frank ” This will allow bad vibes, energy and stress to release from the body. As I think what you described earlier as grieving. You have depression which doesn’t necessarily require medicine as you must have a meletonin embalance. This sudden cut off from a relationship and not from your own end had a dramatic effect on you which cause a lot of misunderstanding and doubts. You are not unworthy of love, respect, nor concern. This fellow simply took avantage of your kind heart and I am a true believer he will get his due diligence. ”

Dr. Frank turns the knob of his front French doors. As he space out into fireplace sitting in his fullform custom cushion arm chair the light of the fire cracks and the frame of his glasses made the doctor look ill. A whistle as the kettle alarmed the house of hot ready water, the doctor reluntantily arise from his seat. Still staring into the distance as he stir the honey in the cup of tea he storms out the kitchen and picks up the keys from the key bowl set on a small table with a red Italian cloth next to the basement door. He struggles to get the key into the lock. He exhales heavily and wipes the sweat from his brow.

Finally the door opens with a musk and heat greets the doctor’s nostril as he slowly walks down the stairs tapping his finger nails on the banster. He whistles and chains can be heard just as the doctor’s foot lands on the basement floor. The doctor looks down the hallway as he lights one latern as if by magic the other 7 followed.

The doctor leans against one of the heavy metal door. The last one from the stairs on his left. He opens the slide big enough for viewing.

” I met her today. ”

The sound of a chain and ball fell upon the floor.

” She is stuggling.”

The doctor sighs and takes off his glasses and out of his pocket a hankechief to wipe the lens.

” You should really be more manarable towards women. You did come to this world through one. ”

The doctor sighs again as he nods his head. With a bowed head he smiles.

” You should hear how she yearns to be with you. I think she’s a wonderful person and instead of toying with her, you could have made it work. She cried again today. I didn’t appreciate you making her sad and oh so tired. Look like the dear woman hadn’t slept well recently. She has had her good days and bad but I think something recently triggered it. ”

Placing his glasses into his sweater chest pocket and returned the hankechief to its. He grabs a marble cane hanging near the door each door had a similar cane by it. The doctor points it at the door across way.

” It was him”

He said turning his head to the peepdoor as if the person was beside him.

” This piece of garbage here.”

Still pointing at the door with the tip of the cane.

” Tried to rape her! I could hear her outside her bedroom window she said no. Get off! Fighting to not have him. This son of a bitch huffing and puffing as if he was doing us a solid. It’s men like you and him giving humanity alike a bad name. I bet she was thinking who was going to save her? Who should have been there and she wouldnt say no to.”

A voice from inside the room which the doctor open the peep hole answer weakly.


The doctor smiles and turned the cane to hit the corner top of the door frame. Shaking his head.

” Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk……no no no no. You! I’m happy longs she’s happy. When she suffers I owe a great debt to her. Her kindness isnt her flawed. But her choice she seriously can’t help it. Roses are beautiful and with many colors with thorns for to keep many away and yet taken forgranted. She oh.”

The doctor stammers a bit as he looks up at the ceiling. His lips trembling as through chill ran down his spine from the thought. He clicks his tongue

” She’s a masterpiece and I am but a servent slain by her beauty. A puppet of her every whimp. An old fart.”

He looks at his hands.

The voice repond raspy and low “so she ordered you to do this.”

The doctor stunned but regains his balance.

” No lad. I done this solely on my own record. You have my word as a gentleman.”

The voice cracks ” you aim to kill me?”

The doctor smiles as he leans forward on his cane he sways his lower hip and the cracking of bone echoes the hall. He pops his neck and stretches his shoulders.

” That also is no lad. However I plan to kill that sack of meat across from you. Aggressive behavior is punishable by law. If you must act like an animal. It is best to find a mate of similar interests.”

A scream of horrible agony interrupts the doctor.

” A Queen is hard to find and no man or boy by any means should disregard her decree.”

The scream ends followed by a loud thud and a nasty eerie splat sound. The voice in the other room hurls. The doctor smiles.

” This concludes tonight’s lesson. Tomorrow I shall feed you nutritionist meals Mr. Drake. Ms. Sherrie should see you in fit shape. Mustn’t keep the Queen waiting for her King and knight.

Drake ” what if I don’t return to her. What if I just report you both. She had to put you up to this!

The doctor taps his cane vigerously against the door.

” Dear lad. If she had anything to do with this, I wouldn’t set you free. But that’s up to you.”

The doctor looks at his watch.

” You been here 3months 4days 19 hours, 22min and 32seconds. The Queen is miserable without you and as much as I would love to, she wants you. And I only desire her to be happy. So behave or end up like this jerk here. Whom I really should have thought of a cleaner method to rid our world of. ”

Drake looks at the monitor in his room and hurl again at the image frozen of a body headless and intenstine and privates riped off by a midevil device.

” Goodnight Drake and remember your freedom is entirely up to you.”

As the doctor return the cane into the holster held in the wall he fixes his sweater vest, blows out the latern and begins to walk up the stairs.

” Drake lad I do hope to release in 3 weeks. By then this would be a terrible nightmare for you both.”

The doctor smiles and whistles “close to you.” Going up the stairs.

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