Take a chance

5ft 7 wearing red stilettos, black jean pants white Roca wear pull over at a corner store bus stop the rain begins to pour and she smiles. She brings her hand out to touch the cold shocking drops of rain.

Cars drive by speedily. As one car pulls over, she sighs heavily. Shifting the weight of her purse to the other arm. The window rolls down and a stocking man brings down his head to look her in her face.

DeMar ” hay it is you! I can..”

The woman pops her gum and sighs again. ” No thanks. The bus will be here soon please go ahead.”

DeMar smiles as the fragence of cigar, grape flavered car smell and old spice enter the air. The woman totes her nose up.

” My sinuses are increasingly annoyed please go away.”

DeMar sounding a bit annoyed ” I saw you earlier today. You were at the library.”

The woman pops her gum. ” Look fella I ain’t interested. Move your car.”

The windows roll up and the man scrolls off.

Not long after placing her headphones in her ear and turning up volume a gentleman walks under the bus stop post beside her.

With a cigarette in is mouth Erik ” Hay do you smoke?”

The woman makes no move to bring down the volume or attempt to take the head phones from her ear.

Erik annoyed and a bit louder” Hay do you know what time it is?” As he locates his lighter.

The woman glares and brings her shades to her nose. ” This is a non-smoking area. Plus I can’t stand the smell. Please move.”

Erik annoyed he goes behind the stop post. Behind her glasses she nods her head and sighs heavily.

The bus arrives and the smell of old musk and wet floor greets her nostril. She put in her fare and sits 4th room from the back of the bus.

Darrin tall 7ft2 red Roca wear shirtsleeve pullover with a white long sleeve undershirt, straight rigid pants excuses himself from his friend and sits across from the woman. After a moment of staring her down as if weighting the option of rejection or way to introduction

Darrin sighs out his fear and makes a move. He turns to face her, smiles, and extend his hand. The woman takes off the headphones and gives the man her attention.

A smile and sighs of relief escapes Darrin’s mouth. ” Hello I’m Darrin. I believe I saw you earier today heading towards Green springs I tried to get your attention but you were already far away.”

The woman smiles and pounds Darrin fist as he unknowingly changed his open hand to a downward fist. He chuckles.

Darrin ” I see you must be heading home?”

The woman chuckles ” it is about that time.”

Darrin leans closer ” Sorry if im being forward but do you have a man? And you smell nice.”

The woman smiles. ” I prefer the single life. ” She squints her face. ” Being in a relationship clouds better judgement.” Clicks her tongue ” thank you, you also smell good. What is that.”

Taken back Darrin looks down at his shirt. “It’s um, Creed Adventus for men.”

The woman smile ” Ah.” She rings the bell. ” Next stop please!”

The bus driver ” I gotcha.”

Darrin scratches his head ” Mind if we exchange numbers, Ms?”

The woman sigh “Look handpsome I like your swag but you look like I have heartaches for years. Wearing a cologne thats 3x my entire outfit. You smell real good and teeth and smile cut from a magazine and tall. I give you props for that approach.”

The woman Rose from her seat taking out the red umbrella and down the two steps.

” But I had enough heartache from gorgeous men to last me a lifetime.”

The bus stops and she gets off. The bus pulls off then suddenly stops Darrin jumps off the bus.

Darrin turns the woman around “I’m not like other guys. I ain’t going to ask you who hurt you. When in a relationship we hurt one another, that’s a given. They not peachy, sunshine and roses all the time. I ain’t going to say I wont lie, plans change at the drop of a hat and im only human, baby. I’m standing here as a man. Looking at a beautiful woman who just shut me down the way she did showed me instantly. You not like these other chicks. You not only gorgeous but witty, smart, and loyal. Doesn’t matter your gaurd up and I won’t tell or ask you bring them down. I’m just asking for a chance. And if you still think it’s a waste of time i wont hassle you. You can even slap me if I ever break your heart. Just one chance whatever you say I do. You just that kind of woman to me. ”

After a moment the woman chuckles. And looks sideways at the man. She extends her hands

“My name is Christine. ”

Darrin smiles and as he shakes her hand he nods his head.

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