Why does it seem the year is slowly dragging?

Since I known you.

No since meeting you.

Or maybe since we had intimacy time seem to move quicker.

When I thought I can return to you.

Or that you would still speak to me.

That this time would move smoother.

You let go.

No I pushed you after you hit me with a hard look in the mirror.

I said fine lets move on.

But today is Wednesday and the year hasnt ended.

Why isnt it new years?

Am I given the chance to outshine you?

Are you waiting for me to come from the shadows with a huge punch you, look what loved you but now can live without person?

Honestly I am tired and cant see what tomorrow brings.

But for a quarter can I get a glimpse of what your doing right this second?

As this unrequited desire seem stuck in my heart. Time run! So that I may get over this quickly. And then maybe forget his face and name.

May time grant me at least this much as I have a feeling I wont be bumping into you in the future.

What is left, is for you to lose my name so that when fate tries to be funny I can be cruel.

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