I’m hurting.

My face stain with the constant warm salty water of my eyes.

How could I be in this dark place again?

I heard people come to AAA meetings but where do people like me go?

I am seeing ghosts.

I’m laughing with shadows.

I’m replaying your voice and excuses you never spoke in my head.

Lord im done..

The bed is cold. My pillow’s beaten flat.

The pain in the chest so heavy, that breathing is like impossible.

I am giving up on you.

Lord grant me this wish, help me to move forward out this hell

Misery is his company but if you move me higher I won’t look back.

Shield my eyes from my enemies.

Cast my past to the sea of forget.

Revive the right spirit in me.

Restore these old bones.

Heal my wounds and seal my scars from any who seek.

May I be as blameless as a lamb.

May none that caused me to sin recall my transgression.

I desire to walk upright before you Lord.

Turn not your back to me.


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