I don’t like her.

But everyone seem to adore her.

I genuinely can’t stand the sight of her.

But people are crazy about her presence.

What is it that make her to you guys some goddess?

How is she so beautiful as I don’t compare?

She only appears when in distress.

If you see rage in the atmosphere, so she is there.

Children to adults poke her endlessly.

They test to see what are her buttons.

It’s as if nothing in the world compares to her.

Surely I say to you better to come across a bear than me.

I like to rip your heart out slow and sweetly.

For even when I smile and say go away literally leave as my thoughts are not kind of you.

Leave this hunt alone for as soon as you think you know me.

I burn the bridge and if I look back it cant be undone.

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