I must be crazy

I get it.

Love makes fools of geniuses.

Its enough.

Honestly meeting people is like 2 worlds colliding.

I sometimes am very anxious whenever I think you accept my calls or we speak for over a minute.

I pity myself sometimes due to circumstances.

I wanted to say many things.

I wanted to hear many things.

Would these gain me anything?

I will rely on experience not these poor expectations.

How many times have I gone on the ledge?

Alone at midnight.

With these thoughts and prayers.

My crafty plays to get a nibble. Which bait I cast I can’t use twice.

Will you be near next year?

Seek my heart. Search my mind.

A maze whose walls are filled with you.

I am not ready.

To let go or be seen.

I’m not ready.

To lose or be forgotten.

Wake up!

I best you.

Stay near.

Watch as I become an unshakable opponent.

Will you be by my side?

Or will i be your nightmare?

Don’t ever you say I never warn you.

That you knew not my potential.

For all alone I witness yours.

Give me my due as you stand near.

For if you walk away.

I cannot stay.

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