Misconception of contraceptive

Is looking at my skin all you read?

Can you truly be so naive and at peace with your short perception?

When I ask you honestly and you answer me ever so vaguely, do you really think there is no repercussion?

I am a single entity, with my own experience and desires. To which when I perish no other could replace me.

I am not the other person. The last person whom spoke sideways.

I ask you not to box me in as some statistical black woman who has many dramas.

I am me and not some plagued creature who births beings and have sex with countless.

I am not your friend you giggle with over drinks.

I have no crazy wild tales of the youth and current.

I find intimacy a chore only whores find peace.

So if you ask me about a condom again I ask you have you in fact lost your mind?

You throw condoms and birth pills as if it’s candy in a cheap store. These things can’t keep you from a dick with std or sti.

Proper education to get tested before you screw it, smash it or bang it would be a better promotion.

Hell you act as if these things can truly cease unwanted pregnancy by unwanted sex.

Can they keep away pedophiles, ass holes, motherfuckers that abuse their power sexually?

This aint the step of proper protection.

Just saying no aint getting through thick noggings the muggers of the jungle.

Saying atleast you didn’t get pregnant by a rapist doesn’t mend heart or wounds.

People still point at the single mother asking where is the father.

Why isn’t she married?

How about instead of trying to scam health care for a quick buck and issuing false numbers of who do what and why.

Those numbers that some guy in power dropped because his daddy was in name by power and the estimate didnt please what he wanted to sell due to his hatred to exterminate the poor class.

You search and find those no good, dead beat father droppers.

Since you can’t stop trying to play god then just be honest the rest of your so called life.

Deciding for many the weights of so called cure vs side effects facts.

How about once word get out concerning health failure due to pills distributed eliminate the quacks doctrine who helped dispense that stuff so others think twice before excluding info on what they give the public or do against the public so freely.

Make sure they marked to not even work behind pharmacy counters.

But maybe if you had something to rid me of periods all together. We can talk.

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