Pure Child’s play

Aren’t you funny?

The sky still blue.

The concrete is still hard.

You want to play such a petty card.

Youth is for the young.

Enjoy the day while it’s long.

Grow to be a man.

You sure like pointing fingers.

Your lies are growing.

Feelings is for the poor.

I am not starving attention.

I don’t want you.

You admitted your not short of friends.

I said you came to mind.

You called me a liar.

I never said I missed you.

I aim to please no man.

My statues is I am grown now.

Don’t play the guilt card.

It’s not even cute on baby boys. Even sadder on a grown man.

Grow up and stop being pathetic.

If you meant what you said, no need to be so clingy.

Must have been on the breast a second too long.

Your fellow boys are the same.

Your tedious plays don’t phase me.

I won’t want you tomorrow either.

Sky is blue.

Concrete is still hard.

World is still round.

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