A mother’s love

Honestly how can I trust you?

I don’t even know you.

You smile and tell me, your name.

Your gesture of kindness seems humane.

I seen this before.

Your actions are not your words.

I been among the sheep fold that welcomes the wolves.

I been bitten and scarred.

My back shredded and stabbed.

So much so that a simple touch pains my heavy heart.

Do not tell me, you will allow me to chose only to nag me again.

My neck hurts as the blood pulse as if running in weather of 41degree

With only the intense burning in my chest as my eyes watch my precious taken in your care.

Do not remind me of your kindness if I can call upon my own accord.

I can’t repeat his mistakes.

I lived through his ignorance.

I can’t bare to repeat the negligence of my own guardians.

I paid the price of many blind eyes.

I bare the oldest scars of many turned cheeks.

If the ball be in my court why do you snatch it from me and call it fair?

My trust is nowhere.

Your words and action are not in alignment.

Don’t expect me to just give you, my precious without a heavy heart.

I do not know you but a name.

I have nothing on you but a number.

How can I explain or reason with my inner consciousness if something happens in your wings?

What is dear and precious to me must not be harm in the slightest.

Where I go shall my treasure be perfect. Only if I go.

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