Old Tales

Criag ” Stan whatcha doin here?” Yelling at a red 1974 Chevy with tented windows. The driver rolls down the window.

” you know you miss me.” Says Stan.

Craig laughs with a deepness from the pit of his belly.

Stan exits the truck and slams the door. “Friend, I thought we were cool. Mi casa es su casa.”

Craig takes a sip of his tea. ” Dude I have no interest in your home, and I don’t recall you being listed as the head of mine.”

Stan walks up the porch. ” what are you drinking?”

Craig snorts “Nonya.”

Stan ” you don’t ever have a beer when I come over. Why don’t you treat a friend?”

Craig takes a mouthful swallow of his tea and places the cool tall glass on the stainless steel table. The ice clash in the cup.

” you buy your beer then you may have some.” Says Criag

“Ah aren’t you lonely my friend?” Shouts Stan.

“Misery is the only thing missing company. Tell you what pal. The day I am utterly miserable I let you know.” Craig says seriously

Stan pretends to be shot in the shoulder. ” My friend. Ouch. Do you treat all your buddies this way….”

” Just you.” Craig interrupts.

Stan snorts ” The love is felt from miles.”

Craig laughs ” Your special, truly one of a kind. Just cant treat you like the rest.”

Stan nods ” thank you.”

Craig cracks his neck and begins to rock. ” Where is my horse?”

Stan sits down in the swing bench ” At the vet.”

Craig nods ” Stan friend if you steal my daddys pride horse. Im taking your whole family.”

Stan laughs ” The wife and dog too?”

Criag shift in his seat ” I’ll take the land they walk on.”

Stan ” Promises, promises. He still at the vet. You cant rush a leg to heal.”

Criag eyes Stan ” if the wise man contends with a fool. Rather the fool is happy or not there is no peace.”

Stan laughs ” and you would know.”

Craig ” especially being around you.”

Stan’s throat begin to feel dry and tight. He clears his throat at the glance of the glass pitcher of ice tea lemonade.

“Let me” he chokes and manages to cough out the rest ” have a drink deer friend. Why I can retrieve a cup from the kitchen.”

Criag glares at his smiling companion. “People in this town are beginning to think I’m sweet with you. Why should I promote further such disgusting ideas? No no go to your wife as I am fully married to the mistress of peace.”

Stan leaps off the swing ending one foot with a slightly heavier stump. ” your no friend of mine Craig Jones.”

Criag laughs uncontrollably” ive been telling you that for years.

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