Rolling with misery

I dont miss you.

And fact I’m counting on the day I cant remember you.

A day I walk right by you as you suddenly feel a dire urge to beg me to not walk away.

There will be a day I dont recall you.

A day I dont ache to know how you feel.

A day that doesnt bring a second flash of your stupid face.

I wish to wake up and see that day here.

Oh yesterday was fine.

The day before not as good.

At the least at this very moment all I can do is remind myself.

This world is in fact evil.

How deadly are the hearts of men?

What lies in the closet of death in their dwelling?

If I give my heart away to think of you. You’ll just crush it.

Undeserving creature of love is you.

Has my heart grown cold or warm?

You sung dont hurt you as you rip my heart in two and thus pretended to not know any of me.

I see your end is in the pit. The snares of the forsaken. Forgotten in the mist of death’s odor

I am far from a savior. I only wanted to help.

Rather I fade in the crowd or the crowd is my followers you bend my way none.

How I flattered myself of you.

Shallow is your consciousness. Even more than your humility.

If these fed you. How quick you would starve.

Walk, run, or crawl but the day of judgement is near.

Flattery wont get you from what’s in store.

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