He has the virus.

No they all have it.

No matter how much I run.

They come like worms to a corpse.

The kissing anything bug.

The I want to talk to you bug even through your entire existence is irrelevant bug.

This world is so corrupt of both natural and man made germs.

The bug to nag a person like flies on living flesh but the mind cant help to wonder.

Why are you so impatient?

We all die.

Must you desire to devour my attention?

Is there no one else in your world that you have no fill?

Humans such socialable creatures by fault.

However with just the look of my face. The cold numbness of disinterest should make a blind man run as if a plague appeared.

However your appetite was piqued which makes me worry.

Addiction to Individual with Depression and moderate Social handicap

Is your flaw.

I simply like or don’t.

Want or not.

Hot or cold.

For me I jump from one to the other as quickly as breathing.

Run disease bunny for my gun is ready to harm.

Your feelings mean nothing to me.

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