Arrogant perspective

Soo tall but he looks, speaks and seems simple.

Asking me of my martial statues.

I dont see the fuss.

I’m not pointing fingers.

And I’m especially not looking.

It’s a game, a joke, worse than a jungle.

For atleast there be laws.

I like staying to myself.

And you traveled, visited, or resign in higher status and now ready to mingle… you say.

If you have so much love to give, how about keeping your hands where I may see them.

Better yet how about I move to a secluded area where your eyes cant see my shadow.

How boring.

How tiring.

So exhausting.

I’m just so plain.

I don’t know me.

How mysterous this woman in the mirror.

I’m intrigued the way her mind works.

What will she become?

Ever changing but all the same.

What did I do yesterday?

What is today?

Do I have any plans?

Anything without you….is a marvelous day.

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