Tragic selfish subconscious

It’s been weeks now.

Shut in as if cant leave now.

Big bad bug reaping the streets now.

Go to sleep now. Don’t have to hold back if you sleepy.

Had been awhile.

Since i dream in 3 now.

Had been a kid.

Since i was in a dream of a dream.

Thinking of you now.

Even know better you wont accept letters.

Not from me then and no call now.

Doing things feeling things I ain’t felt in 2 years now.

So shut it, my mind being nasty cruel now.

Provoke to send you temptation.

Better wake now.

Pray this shakes of unholy desires to be away now.

I wont call, text, or make another facebook to check on you now.

What a waste of good rest rather dream of millions tonight.

Then think of you tomorrow.

What’s wrong with me?

Cause even if i the soul lived in the body of his imagination he wont want me.

So do you get it now?

The someone inside of me.

Under quarantine makes my mind a messy mush huh?

I got many selfs which one of you dont get the picture, see?

If we were out to sea on the same sea on the same raft those eyes have forgotten me.

Look for better, not back stop missing misery.

I ain’t stupid i know he aint missing me.

So why on earth whose tempting me?

Im trying to play scholar in a fools world.

Awakening parts of me i aint felt since he last held me.

But life is good now under quarantine makes me feel better i am a shut in by chose.

Now we all closed in so what’s the point, missing what aint thinking of me.

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