Not yet

Be still my beating heart.

Oh but not too still.

In the distance is a miracle.

Right at this moment, beyond the horizon old soul.

Beyond the whisper of the breeze under the delicate wings of a butterfly.

Sore old bones do you feel the calling?

Oh eyes have you behold this awe of wonder.

Play now oh trumpets.

Ready my feet?

Are you oh eyes!

This mind perceive miracles daily; but the one you seek, will not happen.

He will not return.

A thousand years will pass and his steps will be as far as there are sand.

Yes dont wait for change.

Oh heart continue to sway no longer.

No one is waiting on the other end.

Your arms will wait in eternal agony there.

A flower with a million petals won’t end with he loves you.

For vanity suffer sanity.

Waste not your heart and soul on nothing.

For self love is better than unrequited love, dear.

Smile to the morning rays that kisses my flesh.

It’s not so bad, a goodbye to the seas is better than dreams of a mends that wont come.

If you wait another moment into the spaces oh gaze, then it will end bitterly.

Let not your world cease in misery, but find your peace in full self.

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