Keeping apperances

I don’t know what you think you knew from the past me.

I don’t think any of your assumption of me were accurate.

I don’t think you ever knew me.

Guessing my eating habits, but doll I absolutely hate fish.

Assumed I feared the dark, but darling oh how i just can’t sleep without it.

You wanted me to get your cousin a green card through marriage, but I am a woman of romance, liberty and free will.

I won’t compromise my standard for strangers nor friends.

My family was born free, and free I and mine will remain.

If freedom be an illusion may it be my drive.

I will not sacrifice my right to chose whom I will marry.

I will not sacrifice my chose to eat what I please.

I refuse to sacrifice my right to be happy and speak my bloody mind mate. No matter to whom it may irritate or reflect or imitate.

I have the right to unfriend associates who do not get me. Understand my cause, or respect what I believe in.

I am pretty sure you never knew me. For when rumors spread you were in the wind.

When trouble was at my door you were nowhere to be found.

Dear to enjoy only my sunshine is to deny yourself my friend pass. Ok.

So the next time you call me friend just keep it to yourself til I say so.

Also I’m done accepting your perception of my past, failures, achievements, or life.

Whatever I am guilty or innocent of, my judge and jury is above.

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