Mark my words

So I see bees messing with hornets and I’m like.

Ok so racist are acting out but bugs are getting friendly?

A bee and a freaking waltz are together but humans. Again humans are having trouble because of skin tone and looks.

I am having an issue with bugs attacking and now biting in areas like the 3in below the elbow.

When did bugs need to secretly attack and leave marks where you cant see them?

I mind you peroxide felt like alcohol on these bites.

The bigger picture is that instead of looking distressed over my wonderfulness.

Watch the barcode of 5digits on your fruits and veggies beginning with 8.

Watch how just walking outside and back in again feels like you played in sand.

2020 may be a joke but the biggest joke is how in society’s main focus we be petty about the other things.

How we kill our sisters and brothers for the color of their skin when we all drowning our bodies in;

Information overload, food that made of paper, foam, and plastic, genetically engineered bugs that more than likely carrying corona.

In this I am called selfish. But Lord help me to get ready to go.

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