Magic Chance

They don’t get it.

Taking for granted the very gift because it seem to appear out of nowhere.

And just keep rolling in.

This comes too often.

A opportunity.

A do over.

A clean slate.

For some people, more than most.

See others get it and most don’t.

Few make best of it.

While fewer just somehow manage to make impossible happen, out of just a split second window.

No margin for errors

No place to make mistakes.

No room to second guess.

If I change this.

If I had that…

If I could be….

If I were……

But a lot times even if that time came we fail.

We screw up.

Waited years. Kept talking ourselves up.

And when the chance came what happened?

What happened?

When or if you get that miracle whatever happens move on.

Don’t live in the past could haves.

But the real miracle is waking up the next day realizing I could have been dead, but I am not. Thanks be to God which me grace and mercy.

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