To What End?

I awake with sleep in my eye and bitter is my soul.

I thought how wonderful is it to be in the land of the living.

but is it?

What is this land of the living so filled with man made grave disappointments..

Oh how beautiful is the sun rays in the brick of morning.

How wonderful is the natural dew on the grass and its’ smell?

Oh how the birds seem to sing of joy in awe of the day.

How great to have a warm meal before going thou way?

When did you mess with it all?

Why did you think this mad plan an adventure?

Why did you touch it!

Everything is ruined.

What is this that no end you must touch?

Who in this world came in hands with the devil and told you to touch it?

The smell of morning where did it go?

The lovely dew hid itself and what took its place?

All you had to do was toil and be grateful.

I admit that some of the world’s advancement was due to going the next step in experimenting but you didnt have to know everything.

If I see clouds I knew it would rain.

If I forgot an umbrella so I get soaked.

but you oh evil thing….stealing human parts!

sabtaging the system built just to manipulate human rights with digits to their names as if in a prison by our names.

Giving and taking what wasnt even supposed to be in question to possess.

Then you looked at species and instead of accepting its existance you toyed with it.

Mocked it and claimed shortages where if you and your people had simply left it be we all would have been fine.

You doomed us you incompetent fool in your hands are the blood of the world.

You who thought your names would be in stars and in heaven will be condemn to help.

Now so worried about who might speak the truth you silence.

Telling the world to shut up as you and every person do their nasty deeds in the light.

None of this can be real.

Everything is filthy and no good. Copied, stamped, and manipulated.

You sold mother nature like a whore and played with her things like a dog sniffing and shoving its nose in shit and butts.

Now birds, air, water, fruits, people, and the fullness thereof is screwed.

Now her body is foul and cannot be undone.

Maybe these things should have been shutdown by the people.

Bug bites are so unnatural these days. The fruits are superficial. Our meats are the copies of copies. Our plastic trees cant give us oxygen nor can we feed any our carbon dioxide.

Scientist are said to be those who ask a question and seek out an hypothesis while watching which way the apple falls. You don’t watch you tear it to shreds and play god.

You maybe made in His likeness but you are the seeds of baalzebub.

Tricksters, thieves, liars, greed, murders, backbiters, and worshippers of all evil spirits will not enter heaven.

sleep is a better world then this nightmare.

What is my purpose so I may do it and go.

This world shall surely see its deeds repaid full and these eyes need not to bare witness.

Dying off our own air, which one of you thought you could sell something that was given to all? How dare anyone stamp their names on something they nor their ancestor made the earth or its stars, its moon nor its waters.

but you certainly destroyed it that even yourself is not saved from what’s about to come.

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