Here’s to never

I see it.

Behold my eyes cannot unsee this.

My ears can not mute this.

And my heart can nolonger pretend the cut isn’t there.

For years..I only was trying to see you for your best.

I thought I was giving you my best.

Religious rules bound me.

Voices in my head ripped me, tore me.

and strict gardians suffercated me oh so daily.

I was to me a good girl. A good person, as nice as I could be but of course not a complete door mat.

I have or had admiration, aspirations, and dreams I do have fun, I yearn for sunshine on my, everything

I am simple but I like a challenge just dont test me.

was that complicated?

I perfer simple pleasures. Window shopping doesn’t faze me.

But I saw it.. The real you. The you that wish my existance to scatter as there are stars.

The blood in your hands….is that???

Tears rolling down my heated face.

My cheeks are on fire. My eye lash glued to each other

My chest is heavy,as I attempt to catch my breathe.

How could you?

With just a faint beat in the bleak of darkness I faint to the floor.

you smile as you knew you never wanted me and to show me how much you stumped it. One. Last. Time.

I dragged my feet for my trembling hands to reach.

To look over the damage which I allowed to happen.

I wept bitterly as my tears washed over the bruises and scars.

I wiped off the cobwebs of my shoulders where you thought was a chip, was acturally the placement for my dear heart and

with the new lock and key I dismiss any future ideas entertaining your return. Cheer to the new me for the old you can’t buy

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