You have no idea

call me Alura

I want to draw him in like a little boy to an abyss.

I want to every inch be his very itch.

I want him to see but unable to grasp my essance til I give the order.

yes. I want his soul.

I have been waiting for the answer for so long.

Why has the fire not been quench but ablaze then simmer when callers came for its heat and left without feeding.

May his heart beats my name

and his mind knows no other.

I was so inexperience and new.

how little boys teased me and grown men threw stones while younger boys stole it.

I admit I was disappointed.

The first few times I had no expectation. What the hell could I have known?

A little girl wanting to know why they did that or this.

A young woman to know what he thinks and how I may please him so he may please me.

Later a mature enough woman to know he won’t tell

What he wanted I had no idea.

Then I wanted to know why that when I wanted this.

I always wanted this but they never even gave me that.

Telling me what I wanted. Never cared for request. Even if I didnt know. are verbal options so bad?

Pleasing me was the last thing on his agenda.

My last guy will be my last.

When he opens that door. I personally will eat his heart out.😘

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