That part

with a heavy heart.

I see it, and it’s getting out of hand.

one minute I’m fine.

The very next I’m not.

Is it the holidays?

Is it corrvid?

sigh…I dont get certain families.

Hake I dont understand God.

We all are placed in this world….mind you I don’t recall asking….I dont recall begging or nagging….nor was I told why.

My little sister drives me batty as she reminds be of a certain crazy auntie…

Putting her nose where it seriously dont belong…then getting offended of reminding her of her place….

However she does that at work and gets irritated when people do that to her…

I guess stubborn and blind works wonders for her.

On the other hand I am establish…..on the other I sort of remind me of….a child. in a sense I wont apologize.

People dont accept mistakes very well.

They say it is a village that raise a child…..i would like to add it is a village that can screw up a child.

Too many opinions. Too many blind ideas and as we all grow some opinions change while others are immature and short sighted.

Raised in a big family doesnt make anyone better, familiar, nor will the views of life be the same one to another.

As I was a child I thought as a child. Breathed as a child…but as I reflected I was not always seen as a child nor treated in aspect of a child with innocence nor protected as bird thrown out of its nest….

Funny how in the world you be in a home and desire dysfunctions but stray from people.

People will taunt you…..i can like something and respect that others don’t but must I listen to you bitch about why you dislike it?

I don’t whine about the things you like but everyone has an opinion and in mine I don’t have to hear…and you don’t have to speak it…..

As long as I don’t ask for it…..

The void that I have most of all is how I miss the insanity of missing someone that I knew better than he knew himself not miss me….

But I digress in my house….or in someone house I never interrupt a parent raising their child….

I just decree respect for me and when I do the same for mine. Remember this; what scars you have to interrupt me? What sperm did you add? What money did I ask to help feed? Not a day went by where my child went without that I had asked for such handouts, put side of government of course.

Why kids today have no respect, and with right reason too many voices not enough one mind, one body, one voice….no respect among the elders so how can you get together in raising 1 child when that child has an undermined parent.

Maybe I am crazy but in all I feel in many aspects when a child is groomed get out the way for proper grooming you dont need many barbers for one head.

When an associate ask may I help you? it isn’t many associates. Unless you famous….

Messages are just best when given direct then multiple venues, for something always be amiss when too many mouths and ears are involve.

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