I don’t get the fuss. The hype. Or its misconception.

Yesterday I was hissed at by some male and it occured to me how many times that just displeased me.

How we thrive to make it on an average day, now this pandemic on the kiss of 2020.

Many times I yearned for the minds that witness a world beyond tangible words yet how I was many times left dismay of failed expectations from outside connections.

Oh how I wish to be chased by something that reached beyond stars, space, and time.

How I wish my physique wasn’t in the equation of such high demand by under nourished counter productive specimen.

Not that many were many but as the saying went only by few.

For more than ever is the world in grave need of acceptance, peace, forebearing, honesty, hope, and love.

Sex isn’t love. Nor the answer of void, or completion, or even a sign of acceptance or award for greatness.

Man’s words, past, and present change ever daily, and feelings a funny fickle demon.

I would adore rejection when it came to desires of such lustful activities in return for acceptance of truth, trust, love, and good Lord peace.

As I said hello to the strange man I realize how many times has one slide in and did better harm then good?

Pastors, couples, and leaders speak of relationship but I see no reason to pursue such ideas in such a time as this concerning seeking companionship in this serious present time.

Shyness in a male’s approach due to women countless, and unruly cold rejection won’t save him from death and beyond. Nor have I read, heard, or seen any deaths due to rejection at least not without a party physically hurting another on account of.

I see on the other hand no reason for any male to approach so sloppily as to not regard in a sense similar to that of a job, house, car or career of his dreams.

You approach as if you desire long term and with sincerity.

Only seems right that if your hissing at, or speak almost in a deep low tone to someone is the basis that intensions are much worst than humane, and I should not anticipate anything morale from someone with hidden agendas therefore my quick response to survive is to reject any prospects of a serious time consuming endeavors, or experiments.

Time is too precious to waste on someone who can’t face that either come correct or not at all. Yet during this time do we really have time for such a thing?

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