Happy Thoughts

I want to believe everyone is good and all that jazz.

With the mystery of life and wonders in the characters, heart, well is it in the heart?

Where do feelings come from?

Blood, tissue, bones, honestly where do feelings come from?

The mind oh it’s a complex tissue which controls many outputs.

The mind comes with ideas and somehow the eyes give visual and that too isn’t fully understood…

But I digress how anyone venture exploring these, what makes a man?

What makes the heart flutter? And yet turn off with a simple conviction or unhappy memory.

Do we seek to know or do we meet to convince self what we already percieve in our minds?

Why does making a friend seem so sloppy.

I wonder if I take certain steps to keep you interested or push you away.

I wonder if I should push you away.

I go by the flick of the wrist, the dice tumble and land in darkness.

Not like I would understand which way to go with arrows on them.

My fear engulfs me.

Am I so fickle?

If I extend my hand will I regret it?

The walls are closing in.

My fingers cold as a corpse.

My heart…my heart…oh what the hake does it know.

With all my terrible judgments. Maybe if it flutters I should run.

Then will I be safe.

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